Omni XLT Series

Omni XLT AZ 114


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口径    114mmNewton 折射式鏡 OTA

Omni 的 新經緯儀是採用蝸輪方式。
天体或者地上的目標、因採用 Slip Clutches構造的関係、簡単地 捕捉、

追跡到 目標。
鏡筒是独自応用 CELESTRON的XLT coating 加工技術。這同天文台的天体望遠鏡所用的是一様的。
為了方便在天台付近的天体観測、或者窓、露台的地上観測、Omni的新装置的手 臂可以取脱下來、変更位置。
Premium StarPointer Pro FINDERSCOPE  採用 LED灯 二重投影。 目標不易隠蔽。



光学系別    Newtoni折射式鏡 OTA

口径    114mm

焦点距離    450mm

口径比(F值) F3.95

付属目鏡    25 mm (26 X)

Finder  6 X 30•       Finder StarPointer Pro red LED with dual circle reticle

極限等級    12.8等級

集光力  212x the unaided eye

Coating   •      XLT Anti-Reflection Fully Coated Optics

架台型号  •    Omni Manual Alt-Azimuth Mount

三脚架  伸縮式、铝 製 49” max height

重量    13.2lbs

  • New Omni manual slow-motion altazimuth mount uses worm gears for smooth easy tracking of celestial or terrestrial targets and slip clutches for quick and easy pointing.
  • Quality optical components are fully coated using Celestron’s proprietary XLT coatings—the same ones found on our observatory-grade telescopes.
  • Newtonian reflector offers a large 114 mm parabolic mirror for wide fields of view when used for both astronomical and terrestrial viewing.
  • The mount’s single arm can be repositioned to point near the zenith for astronomical use or downward for terrestrial observing from a deck or window.
  • Premium StarPointer Pro finderscope projects a dual-circle reticle instead of a simple red dot.


Omni XLT AZ 114mm reflector Newtonian
Aperture 114mm
Focal Length 450mm
Focal Ratio f/3.95
Primary Mirror Design Parabolic
Optical Coatings Fully XLT coated glass optics
Eyepiece/Magnification 25mm Plössl (1.25”) / 18x
Finderscope StarPointer Pro red LED with dual circle reticle
Other Accessories SkyPortal app
Resolution Rayleigh: 1.22 arc seconds / Dawes Limit: 1.02 arc seconds
Light Gathering Power 212x the unaided eye
Highest Useful Magnification 255x
Lowest Useful Magnification 16x
Limiting Stellar Magnitude 12.8
Tripod Aluminum, 49” max height
Warranty 2-Years
Optical Tube Length 18.5″
Total Telescope Kit Weight 13.2lbs
Included Items OTA, mount/tripod (preassembled), 25mm eyepiece, StarPointer Pro finderscope, accessory tray, SkyPortal app
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